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Change of Major

The information below regarding change of major provides students a target for a minimum GPA and minimum coursework to apply.  Space availability and the applicant pool can vary each semester.  Therefore higher GPA and coursework achievement than the minimum required to apply for acceptance may be necessary to gain acceptance into a major field of study.  Contact an advisor in Transition Academic Programs for more details for each major.
Departmental Videos Each department in Engineering created these videos to help students have a better understanding of each discipline.

General Guidelines

  • Grades of D, F or repeated courses can negatively affect competitiveness
  • The more common engineering courses completed, the more competitive a student will be
  • Math and Science courses require a minimum grade of C, higher grades are more competitive
  • Taking math and science courses at TAMU and earning good grades makes a student more competitive
  • ENGR 102, PHYS 216 & PHYS 217 will be taken when accepted into an ENGR major
  • CHEM 107/117 or CHEM 119 is an acceptable prerequisite for CHEM 120

Important Deadlines

  • Spring 2024: August 16th 2023- September 18th 2023
  • Summer 2024: December 19th 2023- February 12th 2024
  • Fall 2024May 14th- June 25th 2024

Information on Majors