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Welcome to Transition Academic Programs

The General Studies major is designed to accommodate students needing one or two semesters to complete course work necessary for entrance into a specific major course of study. It is very important to determine and declare your desired major as soon as possible. Each student’s designated major must be approved each GEST semester as being realistically within reach given the student’s academic history and the limit of no more than two GEST semesters. For example, if this is your first year at TAMU and you only made a 2.0 last fall, it will not be possible to meet the GPA requirements for majors such as BUAD, PETE, MEEN, and CHEN with the limit of two GEST semesters. Our goal is to help make your transition to a realistic desired major a smooth one.

Students in the Texas A&M Blinn TEAM Program may be allowed three or four semesters to complete TEAM requirements before they can declare a specific major course of study.

Students in the FOCUS Learning Community Program come from a variety of majors to participate in community experiences that maximize the opportunities for academic and personal success.

Corresponding with Transition Academic Programs Only TAMU e-mail addresses can be used during any exchange or discussion of students’ grades, admission or other private information. Please only use your official TAMU e-mail account when engaging in an on-line academic discussion that includes your personal information. TAMU staff and faculty will only send and accept student-originated email when its source is TAMU. Do not rely on monitoring your TAMU e-mail from any mobile device. Regularly check your TAMU e-mail via a University-based computer terminal.

It is time to prepare to declare . . . .


Students CHANGING TO GEST: Any student who hopes to continue in or move into Transition Academic Programs from a major in a college must first meet with a GEST advisor and then submit a Request to Continue in GEST/TEAM form.

  • Good Academic Standing: Online requests for students in good standing will be allowed through Friday, April 24, at 5 p.m.
  • TAMU GPA less than 2.0: Students who hope to change to GEST who are not in good academic standing may not be approved to change to GEST unless their midterm grades are on target for regaining good academic standing (GPA >+ 2.0). The deadline for students not in good academic standing to request to change majors is Wednesday, April 8, at 5 p.m.

Upper-level Students: Students who will be classified as seniors when May grades are posted are not eligible to change to the GEST major. Students who will be classified as juniors when May grades are posted may only be approved for one GEST semester, assuming other requirements are met.

To apply (select your status):

FOR ALL STUDENTS ALREADY POSTED IN THE GEST MAJOR FOR THE SPRING SEMESTER: Students are only guaranteed one GEST semester. They may earn the ability to pre-register for a second GEST semester based upon the official midterm grades that are posted for their classes. They must meet course and grade requirements for a desired major that is realistically within reach, given the maximum of two GEST semesters. Students who begin a second GEST semester will not be clear to pre-register for the following semester until they have moved into a major in one of the colleges. It is VERY important for all GEST majors to check the TAP webpage for Change of Major requirements/deadlines/application processes for most of the majors on campus.

  • Students enrolled for a first GEST semester this spring: You will be required to submit a Request to Continue in GEST form to be approved for a summer/fall GEST semester. If you have not done so by February 28 at 5 p.m., a hold will be placed on your record until you do so.
  • Students enrolled for a second GEST semester this spring: They will NOT have access to fall pre-registration until they move into a major in a college.
  • GEST majors currently < 2.0:
    • Some GEST majors whose TAMU GPA is less than 2.0 will be told in an email sent on January 5 that they can continue to spring on probation without submitting another request or appeal before the spring semester.


Core Curriculum requirements by catalog are available online.

Make an appointment - Please note you need to bring a printed degree evaluation when you meet with an advisor.

Degree Planner - All GEST and TEAM majors must submit a degree planer that includes at least 75 hours included this spring. They will not be cleared to pre-register in April unless the courses entered into the degree planner have been reviewed and approved by an advisor. Group workshops during which students can complete a degree planner in less than an hour are being offered on Monday from 9-10, Tuesday from 8:30-9:30, Wednesday from 10:30-11:30, and Thursday from 11-12. You can sign up by going to

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Programs in Transition Academic Programs are supported with funding from The Association of Former Students.
The Department of Transition Academic Programs is an Equal Opportunity Employer