Transition Academic Programs

Explore Program

Discover Direction…
Explore provides opportunities for students to discover direction in choosing a major that leads to meaningful work.

The Explore Program helps students who are undecided choose a field of study that meets their academic and career goals. The Explore Program takes a comprehensive approach by identifying strengths, best majors, and mental resilience skills to ensure the major students choose contributes to their long-term academic success. The program accomplishes this through exploration assessments, workshops, individual advising, group advising, and traditional courses. Students can choose any combination of these tools to complete the Explore Program.
The Explore Program is open to all Texas A&M students seeking to develop a better understanding of various majors. 

Explore is designed for students who:

  1. are uncertain of their current major
  2. want to Explore other potential majors
  3. seek to develop self-awareness on personal attributes in order to select a major

If any of the above apply to you, we encourage you to participate and register for any of the Explore Programs (read descriptions in the next section).

The Explore Program has an extensive selections of programing options. Students are encouraged to select more than one programming option to help with major exploration needs.

Explore Course
This non-credit course focuses on providing students with learning opportunities to explore their strengths, best majors, and mental resilience skills.  Students learn a process for choosing a major/career that will allow them to make informed decisions about choosing a major. 


Individual Advising (A.K.A Explore Majors Appointment)
Students that need assistance in clarifying or choosing a major can meet with an Explore Advisor individually in order to dig deeper about their academic strengths and best majors.

Registration Options

Explore Course: register in Howdy, look under UGST 181 for the course titled Explore Major/Career

Workshops:  registration is not always required, watch your TAMU email for details or contact the Explore Program at

Explore Majors Appointment: contact the Explore Program at


Where do I register for the Explore workshops?

Some workshops will not require registration while some will.  Notices will be sent by email to student in Transition Academic Programs with this information.  Students in other majors can contact the Explore Program at for more details.

What type of students participate in the Explore programs?

Students uncertain of major seeking to find their best major.

Is it possible to register for Explore programs if the student is not in General Studies, Gateway, or TEAM?

Yes, all students uncertain of what major to choose and seeking reassurance of their current major are welcome to participate.

If a student is seeking to meet with an adviser individual, how does the student schedule a meeting?

Please, email the Explore Program at and request an Explore Majors advising meeting.