Transition Academic Programs

Mission Statement

VISION: Our vision is that all students will find that our advocacy contributes to a supportive environment at Texas A&M. Most students experience the uncertainties of the transition into a complex university. Our students will identify new goals and objectives for their university experience, make progress toward personal, academic, intellectual, and professional aspirations, and become capable of moving into society as responsible citizens who understand the importance of lifelong learning in the development of character and ethical leadership.
MISSION: The mission of Transition Academic Programs is to communicate relevant, timely, and accurate academic information to students in a supportive and professional environment that is focused on each student’s goal to complete a degree. Our knowledge base, services, and programs reflect the broad scope of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Students will value our services because we are sensitive to their developmental needs.
  • The university will value our services because our programs and practices will help the university set the standard for universities throughout the world.
  • We will make decisions in a consistent and ethical manner.